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Let us tell you a story…

Once upon a time, Texas and California fell in love, and then they became photographers.

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What We Do

Everyone has a different love story, and we want to capture that! Heck, that’s the best part: things and people that are different! We want to work with couples that are unique, creative, and of course passionately in love. Your wedding day is a celebration of how much you are obsessed with one another, and it shouldn’t be forced, or posed. It’s raw, authentic, and beautiful. The laughs, tears, hugs, kisses: they make up the beauty of your awesome day, and it is our goal to capture each one of those moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.

More About Us


I’m Shelby. I love Jesus, cheese, babies, glitter, and people in love. I’m that photographer that is going to be behind the camera saying “awww… yessss…. OMG I love you guys…. yess…” I am all about things that are mushy and wonderful. Love is the most beautiful and genuine part of our lives, and I believe that it should be documented in a very real, authentic, and adventurous way. I fell in love with photography when my dad introduced me to my first camera: a 35mm Minolta. Watching film transform into works of art hooked me, and I have never looked back.


I'm Jason...A little about me… I grew up in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. At a young age, I loved tinkering with my dad’s Polaroid camera or his 35mm. I remember one of my first camera’s being the long skinny brick that used 110 film and had an attached cube flash. My interest in photography took a huge jump when I met Shelby! It’s been amazing being able to work with her and learn more about the trade. I look forward to working with you and capturing your freaking awesome memories.

Let's Go On a Date

Being in front of the camera can be extremely intimidating, so we want to take the stress out of it. Before your wedding, we’d like to sit down, have a cup of coffee, go hiking, walk around town, talk about ideas, and really get to know each other before the big day. We like to be right up in the action, so by the time everything is over, it’ll feel like we have been friends for a lifetime. By the way, we’re serious about the whole double date thing… let’s do this! 

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