Engagements // The Milestone // Morgan Creek Barn // Aubrey, TX

Kaity and Cody have THE best proposal story of all time in the history of everything that is good, romantic, and beautiful in this world. We met these two out in Aubrey, TX for their engagement session, and despite the scorching weather, we had a blast! 

Our Story (From Kaity): I thought I was going on a vacation to Colorado with just my family for the last time before my brother gets married in August, but then I was told my brother had to get on a later flight because of work. So, I went with just my parents and was told my brother would get there later that night. I was texting Cody throughout the day and he told me he was at work so I wasn't able to talk to him very much. After checking in to our hotel and hanging out in town, my parents told me we were going to go to a nice dinner that evening so I changed into nice clothes and we left the hotel and went back into town.

While in town, we stopped at this coffee shop that Cody told me about. We went in so I could get him a coffee mug and look around. When I stepped out onto their back patio, I saw Cody's parents; they had their phones out and they were pointed at me like they were taking pictures. Then I saw Cody. I started crying immediately, which doesn't happen often! He came up to me and gave me a note. My birthday was June 17, and he had been giving me notes every day in June telling me things about me that he likes, and this note said "I like your ring finger".

Then he took me to a bench by a river that flowed past the coffee shop's patio (he asked me to be his girlfriend on a bench by a river in Fort Worth). I sat down on the bench and he took out a Bible he had imprinted with our initials and the date and he read verses from John 13 about Jesus washing His disciple's feet, and then he washed mine with a basin he had brought; and told me that he will always strive to serve me and be there for me through life's ups and downs.

Then, he stood me up, knelt down, pulled a box out of his pocket, and opened it to reveal a diamond ring and asked me to marry him.

So turns out my brother was never coming and Cody flew me to Colorado for the weekend to make it the most epic proposal ever!

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